HRXchange: employment law and HR training

Employment law is ever-changing.

Staying up to date with the latest changes in legislation, case updates and legal issues can be challenging for any business. Our training programmes help you to make sense of these complexities. 

What is HRXchange?

Our HRXchange programme is designed for HR professionals and anyone with a role in people management in the workplace. The interactive sessions are created and delivered by our employment lawyers and allow you to discuss issues and share experiences with our trainers and HR professionals and peers. 

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Our employment law and HR training programme 2019

June 2019 - Brexit and immigration essentials

As the UK immigration system becomes increasingly complex, compounded of course by Brexit, it is vital that HR professionals have a clear understanding of the right to work issues. 

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September 2019 - Autumn employment law update

This session will analyse all the latest developments in employment case law, together with any changes in legislation. 

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November/December 2019 - Mock disciplinary hearing

Managers are expected to manage all aspects of employees' conduct in the workplace. An essential part of this includes dealing with misconduct under the organisation's disciplinary policy. This session will be built around a 'live' disciplinary hearing case study. 

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